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Digital Locket by kailara Digital Locket :iconkailara:kailara 11 11 airship pilot by hakubaikou airship pilot :iconhakubaikou:hakubaikou 841 181 Ludo Digital by JustStrange Ludo Digital :iconjuststrange:JustStrange 5 14
Vermilion Princess
Vermilion Princess
The dark radiance of her beauty
Her mind a temple of all that crawls at night
A placid smile forever,
Plastered on her face
And sheer terror rips through
The heart of any longing man
To dare to speak
To such a gorgeous young lass
Though her eyes may twinkle
And her lips may bite
She's slowly decomposing in the twilight
With her hands shaking 'neath her gown
And legs trembling in fright
She faces the slow recognition of pain
Every night, where she must set aside
The mystery and become who she is
A dreaded beast, on flesh she feasts
On any poor, pitiful man
Her lips, a crimson red
Her cheeks rogue in warmth
Her hands covered in the liquid remains
Of those innocent bystanders
Who slowly became her dinner
And she weeps for she has killed a man
Who only wanted to wed
But there is no happy ending
For the Vermilion Princess.
:iconharlotsroulette:HarlotsRoulette 4 5
freckles like stars. by Pretty-As-A-Picture freckles like stars. :iconpretty-as-a-picture:Pretty-As-A-Picture 7,358 987 Louise Birthday Art FINALLY by JustStrange Louise Birthday Art FINALLY :iconjuststrange:JustStrange 3 18
Let You Down
“He’s waking up…”
There was something on his face, something was smothering him. He reached up to pull it away, feeling the weight and movement of the tubes that dangled from his hand. Before he could remove it, a hand caught his wrist, pinning it back down. Another hand holding a light was suddenly above him, shining the beam directly into his eyes. He heard words, he presumed they were English, but he couldn’t understand them. It was like listening to a radio station that wasn’t coming in right, only it was a rushing noise, and not static, that was drowning them out.
He wanted to talk to the figures around him, he wanted to tell them he couldn’t breathe, or see more than shadows and light. His hand went up to his face again, trying to pull away the thing that was covering his nose and mouth. The other hands were still quicker, though, and they pinned him down again, though this time he felt tight straps crossing his forearms, securing them
:iconholls:holls 259 316
Celebrity Video Poker
Once upon a midnight dreary, Daron was watching Bravo.
Daron enjoyed the Bravo channel, but Shavo had banned all watching of the channel after an unfortunate incident involving the TV Guide stating that the Doors movie was on, when in fact it had been on three hours prior.
So he watched in the wee hours of the morning, when Shavo was upstairs sleeping like a horrifically bald hibernating bear.
Tonight, nothing in particular was really catching his increasingly short attention span. He was just about to turn the TV off, when a new show started.
This show was a show Daron had seen only once, while he was suffering from a rather nasty bout of feline leukemia with food poisoning. It was a funny show, but it didn't strike him as anything special that night.
Tonight however, hyped up on Shavo's 4 month old leftover birthday cake and about 4 gallons of highly caffeinated beverages, Celebrity Video Poker was the coolest damn thing ever invented.
He wanted to be on Celebrity Video Poker, NEEDED
:iconjoeyjmaggot:JoeyJMaggot 3 4
Steampunk Hare by ursulav Steampunk Hare :iconursulav:ursulav 1,346 117 .fugl. by Rimfrost .fugl. :iconrimfrost:Rimfrost 876 292 RainOver by Cushart RainOver :iconcushart:Cushart 5,361 294 Techno-resurrection by Genericdreams Techno-resurrection :icongenericdreams:Genericdreams 414 44 The Spider's Burrow 3 by revxus The Spider's Burrow 3 :iconrevxus:revxus 16 23 Fellow by kris-wilson Fellow :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 5,988 1,311 pen loves to wander by em1lyxstrange pen loves to wander :iconem1lyxstrange:em1lyxstrange 2 2



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